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Brain Maps Index MRI2010
Reference Figures 1,5
Reference Text 75-77
Citation Retrogradely labelled neurons were found in all visual areas (57.62% of labelled neurons) of the cerebral cortex, including areas 17, 18, 19, 21, PPc, PPr, 20a, 20b, PS, AEV, AMLS, PMLS, ALLS, PLLS, VLS and DLS. Amongst these areas those most strongly labelled included 18 (11.43%), PMLS (8.54%), 21 (8.08%), and AMLS (6.71%). Labelled neurons were located in the primary auditory cortex (9.15%) and the region of the posterior limb of the ectosylvian gyrus lateral to the primary auditory cortex that most likely represents higher order auditory cortex (15.70%) (Nelken et al., 2004). Several somatosensory cortical areas gave rise to collicular projections including (10.82% of labelled neurons), in order of intensity SIII (5.95%), PV (2.13%), SII (1.37%), and a very few from areas 3b (0.91%) and 3a (0.46%). The primary motor cortex only revealed few retrogradely labelled neurons (0.46%), however, within the putative supplementary motor area (SMA) (6.86%) and pre-SMA (2.59%), as well as in the pre-motor cortex (5.49%), several labelled neurons were identified. The prefrontal region of the cortex (Duque and McCormick, 2010), that region located anterior to the gigantocellular layer 5 neurons giving rise to the cortico-pontine tract, was devoid of labelled neurons. In the cerebral hemisphere contralateral to the injected superior colliculus retrogradely labelled neurons were re- stricted to three cortical areas. A substantial cluster was found in the pre-motor cortex (60% of labelled neurons in the contralateral hemisphere), and may reveal the location of the frontal eye field in the ferret. A smaller cluster was located in area SII of the somatosensory cortex (32%), and the odd labelled neuron was found in the SMA (8%).
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Defined brain sites
Acronym Name Acronym Full Name Brain Sites Type Name
3a Proprioceptive somatosensory cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
3b Primary somatosensory cortex Area_Ctx_2D
17 primary visual cortex Area_Ctx_2D
18 second visual cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
19 third visual cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
AEV anterior ectosylvian visual area of ferret Area_Ctx_2D
AMLS anteromedial lateral suprasylvian visual area Area_Ctx_2D
ALLS anterolateral lateral suprasylvian visual area Area_Ctx_2D
Aud auditory cortex Area_Ctx_2D
20a temporal visual area a Area_Ctx_2D
20b temporal visual area b Area_Ctx_2D
21 fourth visual cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
DLS dorsal lateral suprasylvian visual cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
M1 primary motor cortex Area_Ctx_2D
PMLS posteromedial lateral suprasylvian visual area Area_Ctx_2D
PLLS posterolateral lateral suprasylvian visual area Area_Ctx_2D
PPc posterior parietal caudal cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
PPr posterior parietal rostral cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
PreMot pre-motor cortex Area_Ctx_2D
pre-SMA pre- supplementary motor cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
PS posterior suprasylvian visual cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
VLS ventral lateral suprasylvian visual area Area_Ctx_2D
Pul pulvinar nucleus of the dorsal thalamus Area_Ctx_2D
PV parietoventral somatosensory cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
SII second somatosensory cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
SIII third somatosensory cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
SMA supplementary motor cortical area Area_Ctx_2D
SC superior colliculus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
VDT visual dorsal thalamus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
LGN lateral geniculate nucleus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
LP lateral posterior nucleus of the dorsal thalamus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D