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Brain Maps Index SKB1994
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Reference Text 50-55
Citation Several nuclei at the level of the obex are related to the vagus nerve (Fig. 1). These nuclei, sometimes referred to as the dorsal vagal complex (DVC), include the area postrema, dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus (DMX), and the solitary tract (ST) with its surrounding nuclei. The nucleus ambiguus, located in the ventrolateral part of the tegmentum medial to the spinal trigeminus and dorsal to the inferior olivary complex, though not part of the DVC, is part of the vagal system in that it is the source of lower motoneurons in the nerve. The solitary tract is a conspicuous compact bundle surrounded by several subnuclei which constitute the solitary complex. This complex in cats is described by disparate investigators using different criteria as having two nuclei referred to as the medial (Sm) and lateral (Sl) solitary nuclei (14) five (116) six (86) and even eight subnuclei (67). For the present purposes, the terms ventral solitary nucleus (Sv) and subnucleus gelatinosus (Sg) will be employed in addition to Sm and Sl. Cells of this group of nuclei tend to be small with finely granular Nissl material. The cells of the solitary nuclei appear rather loosely organized and difficult to delimit. The main basis for their subdivision is geographic with regard to the tract. It should be noted that some cells of the solitary nuclei are quite large and may be diffusely located in all the various subnuclei, but especially in Sl.
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Defined brain sites
Acronym Name Acronym Full Name Brain Sites Type Name
NGVN Nodose ganglion of the vagus nerve Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
DVC Dorsal vagal complex Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
MSSC Medial subnuclei of solitary complex Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
sg Subgelatinous subnuclei of solitary complex Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
AP Area postrema Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
DMX Dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
SC Solitary complex Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
Amb nucleus ambiguus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
SA spinal accessory nucleus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
ST solitary tract Nucleus_SubCtx_3D