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Brain Maps Index MKBNB2007
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Citation In order to identify the different subdivisions of the IC and auditory cortex, one set of serial sections (1 every 300 lm) was counter stained with 0.2% cresyl violet, another set was selected to visualize cytochrome oxidase (CO) activity, and a third set was used to perform SMI32 immunohistochemistry. The border between the dorsal cortex (DC) and central nucleus (CN) of the ICwas determined by applying the single- section rapid-Golgi method to coronal sections of the midbrain in one extra animal (for details, see Izzo and others 1987). .... Lateral view of the ferret brain showing the different gyri and sulci in the cortex. The ferret auditory cortex is located in the EG. The square in (A) indicates the area shown at higher magnification in (B); vertical lines (CE, DF) depict the level and plane of sections shown in (C--F). (B) Section cut tangentially, flattened, and immunostained with the SMI32 antibody. A bilaminar pattern of staining is prominent in the primary region in the MEG, less so in the AEG, and is absent in the PEG. Thin arrows indicate borders between MEG and AEG/PEG. The most anterior part of the AEG is characterized by intense staining in layer II/III (empty arrow marks the posterior limit of this). In the most ventral part of the PEG, SMI32 immunoreactivity was almost absent (below arrowheads). (C, D) Sections cut in the coronal plane and stained with the SMI32 antibody. In (C), the bilaminar pattern in AEG is transformed to a monolaminar pattern in dorsal PEG, which disappears in ventral PEG (as indicated by the arrowhead). (E, F) Sections cut in the coronal plane and stained for CO. In (E), PEG is weakly stained for CO, whereas in AEG the staining is strong and uniform in the supragranular layers. In PEG, the most ventral region is more weakly stained than the dorsal region (arrowhead). In (F), robust staining of layer IV is characteristic of MEG (arrow indicates the border between MEG and PEG).
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Defined brain sites
Acronym Name Acronym Full Name Brain Sites Type Name
IC inferior colliculus Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
EG ectosylvian gyrus Area_Ctx_3D
MEG middle ectosylvian gyrus Area_Ctx_3D
PEG posterior ectosylvian gyrus Area_Ctx_3D
AEG anterior ectosylvian gyrus Area_Ctx_3D
LN later nucleus of IC Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
CN central nucleus of the IC Nucleus_SubCtx_3D
SSS suprasylvian sulcus Area_Ctx_3D