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Authors list Dell Leigh-Anne
Innocenti Giorgio M
Hilgetag Claus C
Manger Paul R
Title Cortical and thalamic connectivity of temporal visual cortical areas 20a and 20b of the domestic ferret (Mustela putorius furo)
Year 2019
Journal Journal of Comparative Neurology
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Abstract The present study describes the ipsilateral and contralateral corticocortical and corticothalamic connectivity of the temporal visual areas 20a and 20b in the ferret using standard anatomical tract-tracing methods. The two temporal visual areas are strongly interconnected, but area 20a is primarily connected to the occipital visual areas, whereas area 20b maintains morewidespread connections with the occipital, parietal and suprasylvian visual areas and the secondary auditory cortex. The callosal connectivity, although homotopic, consists mainly of very weak anterograde labeling which was more widespread in area 20a than area 20b. Although areas 20a and 20b are well connected with the visual dorsal thalamus, the injection into area 20a resulted in more anterograde label, whereasmore retrograde label was observed in the visual thalamus following the injection into area 20b. Most interestingly, comparisons to previous connectional studies of cat areas 20a and 20b reveal a common pattern of connectivity of the temporal visual cortex in carnivores, where the posterior parietal cortex and the central temporal region (PMLS) provide network points required for dorsal and ventral streaminteraction enroute to integration in the prefrontal cortex. This pattern of network connectivity is not dissimilar to that observed in primates, which highlights the ferret as a useful animal model to understand visual sensory integration between the dorsal and ventral streams. The data generated will also contribute to a connectomics database, to facilitate cross species analysis of brain connectomes andwiring principles of the brain.
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