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Authors list Knox A P
Strominger N L
Battles A H
Title The central connections of the vagus nerve in the ferret
Year 1994
Journal Brain Research
Number Or Chapter 33(1)
Page Number 49-63
Abstract The vagus nerve mediates emesis due to gastric irritation. The central representation of the vagus in the ferret was studied to establish how the nerve is connected to areas important in the regulation of emesis. In a series of 10 ferrets, WGA-HRP injections (10 um) were made into the nodose ganglion. After 24-48 h, animals were reanesthetized and perfused transcardially. A block extending from the pons to upper cervical spinal cord was cut at 50 pm and sections reacted. Nodose ganglion injections of WGA-HRP produced labeling of vagal preterminal segments in the ipsilateral dorsal vagal complex including all subnuclei of the solitary complex where the medial and subgelatinous subnuclei received the densest input, the area postrema (AP), which contained a modest amount of terminal label, and the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus (DMX). Contralateral terminal label, quantitatively much less, was similarly distributed except that within the solitary complex it was limited to the medial and subgelatinous subnuclei. Retrogradely labeled cells formed ipsilateral dorsomedial and ventrolateral columns, corresponding, respectively, to the DMX and the nucleus ambiguus (including retrofacial and retroambiguus).
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