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Authors list Law Margaret I
Zahs Kathleen R
Stryker Michael P
Title Organization of Primary Visual Cortex (Area 17) in the Ferret
Year 1988
Journal Journal of Comparative Neurology
Number Or Chapter 278
Page Number 157-180
Abstract Anatomical and electrophysiological mapping techniques were used to determine topographic organization and arrangement of ocular dominance columns in the primary visual cortex of ferrets. From its border with area 18 on the posterior lateral gyrus, area 17 extends around the caudal pole of the hemisphere and over the splenial gyrus to the caudal bank of the splenial sulcus. The visuotopic map is oriented with the isoazimuth lines approxi- mately parallel to the long axis of the posterior lateral gyrus and the isoelevation lines approximately perpendicular to the isoazimuths. Central azimuths are represented on the posterior lateral gyrus and peripheral azimuths are represented on the splenial gyrus; the inferior visual field maps medially and the superior visual field maps laterally. As in other species, the representation of the central visual field is expanded. The ferret has a considerable degree of binocular vision. Receptive fields driven through the ipsilateral eye extended more than 20" into the contra- lateral visual field. Within the region of area 17 corresponding to the binoc- ular portion of the visual field, tritiated proline injected into one eye transneuronally labelled an ipsilateral projection as a series of patchy bands roughly complementary to gaps in the labelled contralateral projection. Physiological ocular dominance columns were evident as well in that neu- rons and groups of neurons recorded in this region showed clustered ocular dominance preferences. Most single neurons studied were binocularly driven